Regatta Double Album Gift Set - Favorites Filled


Includes two Regatta albums, a slipcase, and 100 EZ2C® photo pages.

Configure Kit $79.00


A supercharged pair: set of two Regatta Albums in a matching double slipcase. Includes 4 packs of EZ2C® pages for 4" x 6" photos (2 packs of PP200-510PK and 2 packs of PP200-511PK).

Size: Classic 11 3/8"w x 11½"h x 2½"
Ring: 1½" D-Ring
Capacity: 60 pages

Included in this kit:

  • 2 Regatta Albums
  • 1 Double Library Album slipcase
  • 4 packs of EZ2C® photo pages
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