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  • Archival Gold Blank CD-R (25/pk)

    Archival Gold Blank CD-R (25/pk)

    The Archival Gold Recordable CD-R is made with a patented phthalocyanine dye that reacts faster to the disc drive's writing laser, making the pit edges used to store data shaper and easier to read. This ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $149.99
  • Archival Gold Blank DVD-R (25/pk)

    Archival Gold Blank DVD-R (25/pk)

    Great for long term storage of digital files. The DVD's reflective layer is made with 24K gold instead of silver and has a maximum resistance to the harmful effects of oxidation, a main cause of failure ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $107.25
  • Archival Gold Blank DVD-R, Scratch Resistant (10/pk)

    Archival Gold Blank DVD-R, Scratch Resistant (10/pk)

    The same quality as our original Archival Gold DVD-R, plus an anti-scratch coating. Scratch Resistant Archival Gold DVD-R has a speed of 4x and can store up to 4.7GB (2 hour storage capacity). 10 DVD-Rs ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $45.15
  • Archival Gold Blu-ray Disc (1/ea)

    Archival Gold Blu-ray Disc (1/ea)

    The longest guaranteed protection over time. Each write-once disc is able to store more data than 5 DVD-Rs or 33 CD-Rs. Burn data at record speed when using a 4x speed drive - it burns 25GB in 23 minutes! ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $45.15
  • CD/DVD Pens (2/pk)

    CD/DVD Pens (2/pk)

    This solvent-free marker is 100% guaranteed safe for writing on recordable CDs and DVDs. It is non-toxic, alcohol-free, permanent and quick-drying. Perfect for use with our Archival Gold CD-Rs/DVD-Rs.Black - 2 pens/pkg... MORE INFO
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    Price: $5.09
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